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If you invest in high quality cameras and camera accessories, you should also invest in good camera hard cases.

This is because these hard cases are what protect your camera from damage.

We're going to talk about some of the top ones camera hard cases in this article for 2023.

These top-rated hard cases are perfect for professionals and amateurs alike looking for something reliable and reasonably priced.

10 Best Camera Hard Cases

1. B&W Outdoor Case Hard Case Type 2000

This GoPro is the perfect camera hard case as it meets all the external specifications; it is IP67 rated waterproof, ideal for use in aircraft due to a pressure compensation valve, and so stable and durable that it can be used by the military, fire brigade and other emergency services.

This outdoor case is waterproof, dustproof, stable and incredibly robust thanks to its intricate construction and high-quality polypropylene shell, which can withstand temperatures between -22°C and +176°F.

2. TEKCAM Action Camera Carrying Case

Among the nice features of this hard camera case that all photographers will love are; it's rugged and includes a waterproof nylon exterior, high-density foam padded interior, carefully shaped sections for your waterproof action camera with accessories, and a supportive carrying handle.

Not to forget that a variety of camera models are compatible with the Tekcam action camera bag.

Its dimensions are 20 x 6.3 x 2.8 inches and yet it is attractive, light, padded, small and easy to carry in luggage.

3. Pelican Air 1525 hard case

The Air 1525 Hard Case from Pelican, the industry leader in hard camera cases, is their best all-around protective case.

It is compact, comfortable to carry and offers good security for your photography equipment. This robust camera case has enough space for many cameras, many lenses and accessories.

We can't leave out the padded dividers that keep your gear in place and prevent it from bumping into other items that are also included in this bag.

You can also change the interior area as velcro dividers are flexible. Despite being completely crushproof and waterproof, the Air 1525 is 40% lighter than Pelican's previous case, and the flush valve controls internal air pressure.

Overall, this Pelican case is a great choice if you're looking for a camera hard case that's really sturdy and reliable.

4. HPRC 2550W with Second Skin

This camera hard case is proof that hard cases can be fashionable while still serving their intended purposes.

Although it weighs a manageable 5kg, this hard camera case feels just as durable and unbreakable as any other hard camera case. The Second Skin inside, a one-piece thermoformed cushioned molding designed to hug the inner curves of the case, is partly to blame for this.

This second skin is then divided with traditional Velcro dividers, which are sturdy yet slim. It's a very practical way to carry more stuff than you could with a standard cubic foam inside and makes the most of the 51 x 29 x 20 cm internal space.

5. Vanguard Supreme 46F Hard Case

Although the Vanguard Supreme 46F is a little on the larger side, your photographic equipment is safe when stored in this sturdy case. In addition, it has a good range of camera accessories and is roomy enough for several cameras.

The outside measures L 20.25′′, W 17.125′′ and D 8.625′′. The inside measures 18.875′′L, 14.625′′W and 7.875′′D.

By removing the parts you don't need from inside the foam that comes with the hard case, you can construct a foam pocket specifically for each piece of equipment. This mechanism ensures that everything fits tightly and does not move.

This hard camera case also includes an automatic pressure equalization valve that ensures no damage occurs while the bag is on the plane, making it perfect for air travel and outdoor activities. It can withstand low temperatures as low as -40°C and is waterproof up to a depth of 16.5 feet.

6. Nanuk 935 Hard Purse

Nanuk 935 is a fantastic hard camera case that meets all the requirements of a good camera case.

It can be said that this is one of the best camera cases for traveling photographers because it is strong and portable. It has plenty of room for all your critical photography gear, so you can travel without worrying about breaking anything.

Your camera and accessories are kept organized and securely packed in the case thanks to the padded partition insert. Foam padding is also included in the lid for added safety and you can transport bulky items that require protection as the padded inserts are removable.

It is moderately light and resistant to dust, water and shock. Security is not an issue for this case as you can lock the case with the two built-in latches.

7. Pelican 1510 Hybrid Camera Case

The Pelican 1510 Hybrid Camera Case is all about keeping your camera and other accessories as safe as possible. It even meets the requirements of the US military and is waterproof and shatterproof.

Along with padded separators and foam inserts, the box has an equalization valve that keeps the pressure inside and prevents water from entering.

Each of your camera housings can have its own personal foam nest, and lenses and other accessories fit perfectly between the divider panels.

While it might not be the cheapest camera hard case you can get, it's definitely worth the money.

8. SKB iSeries 3i-1309 camera case

Looking for a small camera hard case to take with you on the go? This is it.

One of the smallest camera hard cases available is the SKB 3i-1309, but SKB does not skimp on build quality.

It is a portable hard case that protects your equipment. A DSLR or mirrorless camera can be stored inside, which has internal dimensions of L 13.7′′, W 9.2′′ and D 7.5′′. In addition, two extra lenses and other accessories can be added without the case becoming too cramped.

The SKB 3i-1309 is also used in the military, has a very tough outer hard shell and is completely waterproof thanks to the gasket.

Don't worry about the cameras or other equipment inside as they are protected by lid protectors and foam inserts.

9. Amazon Basics Small Carrying Case for GoPro and Accessories

This small bag for a GoPro camera and accessories is compatible with all GoPro cameras including GoPro HERO6, GoPro HERO5 Black, HERO4 Black, HERO4 Silver and HERO Session.

With dense and well-organized foam padding, pre-cut slots to keep your gear in place, a premium EVA interior, a strong zipper and a carry handle, this camera case protects your GoPro and accessories, ensuring they're all safe.

10. Manfrotto ProLight Reloader Tough-55 HighLid

There are two sizes for the Reloader Tough-55 camera hard case. Both measure 55 x 35cm in length and width, but the LowLid option is 20cm deep compared to 22.5cm for the HighLid version, ensuring you can carry it through any airport checkpoint.

Both have easy-rolling wheels, but the HighLid weighs only 4.6 kg, making it easier to carry.

The interior of the Manfrotto has a removable padded lining and Velcro dividers rather than bulky cubical foam, which contributes to its reduced weight.

Two-stage latches on the lid provide additional security, and a harness is included so you can attach a tripod to the front.


In conclusion, the right camera hard case can go a long way in protecting your expensive equipment and keeping it safe for years to come.

Given the variety of choices, it's important to carefully weigh all the features each one provides before making a purchase.

Do you have any questions? Please share them with us in the comments section.

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