Changing PC RAM is easy: Here’s how to do it

If you need a faster computer, consider adding more RAM to your computer. The RAM which is known as Random Access Memory is one of the core hardware that keeps the computer running.
Basically, the higher the RAM, the more likely your computer is said to be stable in multitasking and running programs.

The RAM is not the only hardware that increases the functionality of the system as there are other hardware like disk type, processor type, speed and so on.
For the non-technical, changing RAM in a PC can be a lot of work, because they haven't done it before or they don't know much about computers
In this article, I will show you how to change the RAM in your computer without stress.

How to know what type of RAM your computer is using

In our previous article “Things to check before buying a computer”, we talked a bit about different types of RAM. There are different types of RAM depending on their functions. In most computers, you will likely see DDR SDRAM on most computers. DDR is divided into different types such as DDR1 SDRAM, DDR2 SDRAM, DDR3 SDRAM, DDR4 SDRAM and DDR5 SDRAM.

A DDR1 RAM cannot be fixed properly on a computer that supports a DDR3 type of RAM. This is due to the fact that the two RAMs may have different lengths or ways of fixing (the openings are different).
If you are new to recognizing types of RAM for PC, I will advise you to Google your computer model configuration to know more about your PC configuration.

Sometimes the type of RAM supported by a PC is written on the body of the computer in the RAM area.

how to change frame in pc

It is important to know the type of RAM supported by your computer in others to avoid buying the wrong one. This can help you save time, money and energy.

Knowing the maximum acceptable RAM for your PC

Every system comes with a different configuration, it is important to know how much RAM slot and maximum RAM storage is accepted by your PC.
To know the maximum amount of RAM accepted by your computer, you can check your computer configuration.

Most old computers support at least a maximum of 8GB of RAM, while some support 16GB of RAM storage. You need to check your PC configuration to be sure of the size of RAM you are going to buy.
Keep in mind that if your computer supports a maximum of 8GB of RAM and you try to install 16GB of RAM on it, it probably won't work.

Knowing the number of RAM slots supported by your PC

Speaking of the number of RAM slots, some computers come with a single RAM slot while most computers come with two RAM slots. If you are using a computer installed with 4 GB of RAM and one RAM slot and you plan to upgrade to 8 GB of RAM, you must purchase a single unit with 8 GB of RAM in others to upgrade the system RAM.

But if you are using a PC installed with 4GB RAM and dual RAM slot and you plan to upgrade your PC RAM storage to 8GB, you need to buy another device with 4GB RAM to add it to get 8GB RAM .

How to Change RAM in a PC

Note: Before making any changes to the RAM on your computer, you must consider the type of RAM supported by your PC and the maximum amount of RAM supported by your PC.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to change your PC RAM.

1. Make sure you know your PC configuration (knowing the maximum RAM memory supported and also knowing the type of RAM supported). This is very important.

2. Go hunting for your computer's RAM. After verifying the PC configuration, you need to visit a PC store or an outlet that handles PC parts in others to purchase the RAM.

3. Open your computer's case to find your computer's RAM. In most computers, you should be able to see an area set aside for easy access to RAM. All you have to do is screw that area and gain access to the RAM area.

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4. Place the new computer's RAM properly. If your computer only supports one RAM slot, you must remove the old computer's RAM before inserting the new one.
There are two pins on the two sides of the RAM slot that are responsible for holding down the RAM.

Please note, gently press the computer's RAM with your hand and as soon as the pins hold the RAM firmly, release your hand from the computer's RAM.

how to change frame in pc
how to change frame in pc

5. Put the computer case back on your computer and screw it in place.

Note: Removing your computer's RAM can be difficult because you can easily damage your computer's RAM. In order to remove the computer's RAM, you need to push the two pins backwards, as soon as you do this, the RAM will pop out.

how to change frame in pc


There are various reasons why people feel the need to change their PC RAM, and one of those reasons is to improve PC functionality. Since the RAM is responsible for storing data for a certain period in others to increase the functionality, it would not be bad to upgrade the RAM of the computer.

But there are things that you need to understand before doing RAM changes and upgrades, things like; maximum RAM memory, RAM type and the number of RAM slots supported by your PC.
Knowing some of these things will guide you when changing RAM yourself for the first time.

I would like to hear from you what challenges you faced when trying to change your computer's RAM.

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