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Here are the top 10 security tips for mobiles, computers and other gadgets. Today we will discuss some of the security measures recommended to protect your device on the internet.

When you use your computer and/or smart devices for business, work or leisure, you get a broader way to communicate and socialize with people of different kinds. This means that you interact with people online and that you digitize yourself. However, when you are using a computer, there are more chances that some unusual activity may be a threat to your device's security. Poor security can cause data loss and data leakage and can even affect the functionality of your device. However, you can secure your data and computer through certain measures.

What are the top 10 security tips for mobiles, computers / laptops?

Below are some of the recommended steps you can take to protect your device and data. Remember that only you have to put security first, otherwise intruders and hackers have their own priorities and jobs to do and they are best at it. These mobile, desktop/laptop security tips will help you stay protected.

Software update and security patches

It's good to know your device before taking it to an expert. Check for current security updates frequently. This will help you solve problems a little earlier.

It is recommended that you check your mobile or Windows for the latest software updates. If you are using Android smartphones, you will find a software update option in the settings menu.

Update your browser and check your security settings

Second, you should adjust your browser setting well. Carefully check all options, including those set to default. Adjust strict security levels on your browser setting.

From the browser you can block or allow access to your camera, microphone, download, etc. Save some time reading mobile or laptop browser settings. Remember that the browser is the first place to contact the Internet and it should be configured correctly.

Use complex password, pattern lock, password or PIN

Apart from that, protect your computer by using security lock. Setting a security password to every software and page can be annoying. Your password must contain uppercase, lowercase, numbers and/or special characters. It is recommended that you change your password every 180 days – at least 6 months.

You can apply security locks and password protection to certain software, Internet pages or confidential documentation. Two-way authentication is probably one of the best security ideas. Additionally, to enjoy advanced levels of security, encrypt your data to keep it well safe from falling into the wrong hands.

Antivirus is cheaper than any other software

In addition to this, you need to make some extra efforts. Install good quality antivirus software on your devices. Many antivirus programs are available for free. However, it is advisable to buy standardized software to get genuine security protection.

In my experience, antivirus is the most economical software in the industry. You can buy the premium version of any good antivirus from PKR. 1000 – 1500 or $5-10 for the whole year, it's not a big deal if you are serious about your protection.

I would recommend Bitdefender, Kaspersky or Symantec Endpoint Security.

Virtual Private Network – VPN tunnel

If you are making a financial transition or communicating between two networks, using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) will provide more benefits. VPN monitors internet related activities and encrypts data online by working with a server. This will help you prevent spammers and hackers from invading your computer online. Since the computer is more prone to online threats, Internet traffic monitoring will detect viruses earlier.

Encryption technology is the key to data security and has been around for centuries.

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Adware's, Unsolicited Emails and Popup's

Never share your personal email anywhere on the internet, but only if required. Millions of emails circulated every day and most of them are for advertising, phishing or to gain access to data on your computer.

Pop-ups are also dangerous. Do not click on pop-ups that appear on your screen while browsing the Internet. Most people click on the links and pop-ups whatever appear on their screen, this can be dangerous. Try to understand the purpose of the popup and spend some time reading before clicking allow or install.

Unwanted or unnecessary applications or games

Download and install only necessary or necessary applications. Every application or game on AppStore/PlayStore is not for you. It is good to look up your mobile or computer after some time and confirm the relevance of installed applications or games. Uninstall the programs, applications or games that are no longer needed.

These were some of the security tips for mobile, computers / laptops. We want you to be safe and productive. Although technology has a huge positive impact on people's quality of life, at the same time we are unprotected in this so called protected technology world.

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