You might be using a fake Oraimo product: Here’s how to check

Oraimo has been known for the quality and effectiveness of its products, as there have been many counterfeit products claiming to be from the Oraimo brand.

Oraimo products have flooded the markets in Africa, especially Nigeria. In addition, Oraimo's products can be found on e-commerce stores such as Jumia and Konga.

The need for quality checks and authentication methods is necessary because Oraimo doesn't seem to like the idea of ​​fake products dragging their name in the mud

If you have been following my blog posts you would know that I have reviewed some of Oraimo's products, I still have some of their product reviews to post on my blog. This is to show you the love I have for them. Also, I wouldn't want to review products I haven't used before.
So far Oraimo's products have been good.

Enough talking, in this article I will show you how to check if the Oraimo product is genuine or not. This article will help you make the right choice when you go to the market. With this authentication method, you do not need to tear open the packaging before checking out the product to know if it is original or not.

How to check authentication for all Oraimo products

You may need an app to complete this test. Download any barcode scanner, if you are using an Android smartphone I recommend this barcode scanner.

1. Check around the body of Oraimo's product, you will see an (Authentication Center) sticker on the body of the product.

Oraimo Authentication Center

2. Scratch the coating in another to get the product authentication code.

3. After you have to scrape off the coating, you need to scan the barcode in another to access the Oraimo authentication website, you can download this barcode scanner or access it Here.

How to check Oraimo authentication

4. If you scanned the barcode with a barcode scanner, you must click the link that appears on the screen to continue.

5. When you click on the link, you will be directed to Oraimo's check website. Copy (16) numbers that you saw after scratching the coat on the product packaging. Enter the code and click the verify button.

How to check Oraimo authentication

How do I know if the Oraimo product passed the validation test?

If Oraimo's product is genuine, you will get a (Validated) message, but if it is a fake product, you will get a (Not Validated) message.

Should you be concerned about the number of times validated?

Another thing you should pay attention to is the number of verified times. The number of verified times tells how many times the code has been checked.

The number of times validated may look harmless, but for me it can cause a lot of problems.

The limit of authentication checks has not been announced by Oraimo, but for me, if you get more than twice (Verified) you should be worried why?
From the looks of things, the verification code for a validated Oraimo'S product can be reused. This means that if you buy an original Oraimo product and you throw away the packaging either scratched or unscratched, other bad eggs can still use the code to make a fake Oraimo product. So how do you get around this?

How many times should the Oraimo product be verified?

As I said before, Oraimo has yet to say anything about this, but to me, if a product has been verified more than (2) times, this should be a warning or sign of a fake product.

The first verification can be done by Oraimo officials while the second verification should be done by you. I see no reason for a product to be verified more than twice, anything more than that should be a warning.


Oraimo is a popular brand in Africa, they have really done a lot in terms of technology. In others, in order to stick to the quality of its products, Oraimo needed to introduce the authentication process. This is to eliminate fake products from the face of the earth.
Authentication stickers have been affixed to the packaging of all Oraimo products, to enable easy access to the authentication code.

Tell me, have you ever received an error like (Not Validated)? If so, please tell us where you purchased Oraimo's product and your experience so far.

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